Yoga Teacher

Integrating breath, awareness and movement, Mirella nurtures the unique needs of each individual to connect more deeply in their yoga practice.

Mirella is a devoted yogini who has trained in hatha yoga, yogalates, vinyasa flow and restorative styles. She is passionate about yoga therapy and special needs.

Her love of bringing yoga and peacefulness into people’s lives, has led her to work with kids, pre & post-natal mums, seniors and in the corporate sector.

‘My greatest learning curve came from a car accident that brought my beloved practice to a sudden halt. Mindfulness and yoga therapy paved the pathway to my recovery. I discovered that the subtlest movements could have the deepest effect.

Bringing awareness to the balance between strength and surrender will reveal that sweet spot that can elevate your practice to a whole new level.’

Mirella is available for private sessions.

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