Yoga Teacher

Gladys is an experienced and certified Critical Alignment Yoga (CAY) Teacher and Yoga Therapist (CAT). She received her 4 year CAY/CAT Teacher training from founder Gert van Leeuwen at the Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Gladys feels a great enthusiasm and love for sharing her experience of CAY with others. By using mindful movement, the breath and specifically designed yoga tools, students are able to effectively isolate and release tension, regaining mobility in the spine and building sustainable strength from the inside out. Gradually all parts of the body are able to work harmoniously together and a feeling of spaciousness and balance can emerge.

Gladys is able to create a safe space where movement and stillness are able to go hand in hand. Beginners will feel supported and experienced practitioners will find new insights.

Gladys and her husband and their two beautiful children recently moved to the Byron Shire from the Netherlands.

Gladys is available for private yoga therapy sessions.

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