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As a yoga teacher and yoga therapist with a diploma in Holistic Counselling, in my classes my intention is to foster a sense of self acceptance through gentle, mindful breathwork (pranayama) and movement . My personal journey of growth and discovery spans 20 years. I didn’t start doing yoga till I was 40. A friend took me to a private studio with an Iyengar teacher, I didn’t know what to expect but I was ‘hooked’.

In 2006 I went on to do my first Hatha Yoga teacher training in British Columbia, Canada where I lived and worked for 8 years. This has led me to the heart of my practice which is a Hatha style woven with Restorative Yoga and gentle somatic movement.

One of the most recent and profound influences on my work has been with Thomas Meyer’s structural integration. This work can help to change the shape of our bodies by releasing the myofascia through holding poses for extended periods of time. It is the antithesis of the “no-pain-no-gain” mentality. You receive the greatest benefits from your practice not through forcing yourself into a pose, but by releasing and surrendering to it. This approach helps to cultivate acceptance of your body and its inherent limitations. Further, it strengthens your ability to let go of preconceived notions of your body and how you think it should look or feel, both in and out of a pose.

I am passionate about sharing this unique style of yoga with others. With practice there is a natural emergence of acceptance and detachment leading to deeper awareness of the unity of mind, body and spirit.

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“Thank you for such a beautiful, healing experience. I leave you feeling light, free and at peace.”

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“I usually hate yoga and have a lot of trouble slowing down. I find it hard to get through 20 minutes of it. I did a class this morning with Christina and loved it. She was very connected, great (and patient) at correcting my positions and movements and made it interesting. For the first time ever I'm actually looking forward to going back. Thank you.”

Little Laney

“Very relaxing and restorative. I feel wonderful. Many thanks.”


“Christina is more than just a Yoga Instructor. She is a Yoga Therapist! I started going to her classes to support osteopathic treatments for an ongoing lower back and sacro-iliac problem and am finding the classes highly beneficial physically, emotionally and mentally. My Osteopath seemed to think so too. Christina is knowledgeable and experienced. She knows what she is talking about and has a natural gift tuning into each person's needs in the moment. ”

Beare Maria Sommer, Horse Whisperer/Photographer

“Loved Christina's attention to detail. Loved the class.”

Carla B

“Nourishing, a beautiful energy - excellent.”

Linda, Suffolk Park

“Fantastic... Inspiring Class. Blissful waves. Just wonderful.”


“Loved our first class here, plenty of individual care and attention which was great! We'll be back.”


“Transformative class today - blessed to feel open again and to be reminded of my special body! Thank you.”


“Thank you so much. The sound of the waves and the serenity of the yoga was exactly what I needed”


“I loved Christina's class, a very experienced teacher... I loved the attention to detail.”