Critical Alignment Yoga

Critical Alignment Yoga (CAY) and Therapy (CAT) is a practical and effective method that was founded by Gert van Leeuwen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is currently practiced in several countries worldwide.

Through daily stressful experiences we tend to accumulate tension in various parts of our body like shoulders, neck, backs and hips. You could say that our body is an expression of our inner thoughts.

A buildup of this tension will cause the body to become stiff, restrict our breathing and create possible harmful movement patterns. These movement patterns make that some parts of our body are overloaded while others are hardly used, this is puling our body out of our natural alignment. Overtime possibly causing physical complaints in spine and limbs and subsequently enhance feelings of stress, anxiety or negative thoughts.

By using mindful movement, the breath and specifically designed yoga tools, like a rubber spine strip, felt mat, back bender, blocks and head stander bench, we are able to effectively isolate and release this tension in our body. Regaining mobility in the spine and building sustainable strength from the inside out, gradually enabling all parts of our body to work harmoniously together. Like a ‘chain of movement’ in which all body parts can fluently pass movement through the spine and limbs. Creating access to a positive, light feeling of spaciousness and in time finding our way back to our natural alignment of wellbeing.

A CAY class is suitable for everybody no matter your level of experience or fitness. Beginners will feel supported and experienced practitioners will find new insights. Starting off with relaxing floor exercises to enhance body awareness and release tension. Continuing with more active, seated or standing, mobilizing and strengthening yoga sequences with a focus on establishing a fluent ‘chain of movement’. Combining restorative long holds and dynamic mindful movement. Finally integrating this all through a sitting meditation or savasana.