Hens Group Yoga

Our hens group yoga classes are enjoyable, relaxing, centering. They are a lovely bonding experience for the group and a special honouring for the bride to be. They also help the bride and hens to relax and feel grounded before the big day. The kind of yoga class we usually provide for our hens group yoga classes is a Hatha yoga class. This is more on the slow-gentle side and has a nice feeling of flow.

Our hens group yoga classes incorporate all of the elements of a well balanced yoga class, including breathing, gentle movements and stretches. They also include warming and opening movements connecting to a calm focused inner awareness, a series of yoga postures, meditation and relaxation.

Crystal Ceremony

We also love to incorporate a beautiful short ceremony into our hens group yoga classes. A rose quartz crystal is passed around and each person has the opportunity to hold it and fill it with their loving wishes for the bride. The crystal is then given to her as a gift.

Group Photo

We also offer to arrange the group for a group photograph featuring your group doing some yoga poses and honouring the bride to be in the centre. This is a fun memento to have.

For more information about our private yoga classes for Hens groups, please call or text: 0448 807 798. You can also complete our online booking form below to speed things up and send us all the information we need regarding your booking.

Prices are listed on our private yoga class page.

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“Thanks for our wonderful yoga session this morning. And thank you so much for the beautiful part for me personally at the end. I haven't experienced something like that before and to have all this incredible energy from some of my favourite women was just so special.”


“We would love to Thank Sharon & yourself for the Amazing private Hens Yoga session! We were totally blown away. The Bride Amy absolutely loved it! Some of the girls had done yoga before but me myself this was my first time. The girls expressed it was the best yoga they have ever experienced! Pity we are from Melbourne & can't come & have lessons with you every week. The meditation was absolutely fantastic & I'm pretty sure all of us at one point were so relaxed that we fell asleep! We were so very impressed with the session & made us feel so relaxed for our weekend away. I definitely would like to take up Yoga now but as Sharon was explaining, you do more of the traditional styles which we loved!! Pity we don't have that down in the western area ( Melbourne) I'm sure there will be a place I can find along the way that covers more of the traditional way. Thank you so very much from the bottoms of our hearts! If we ever come back to Byron we will definitely book you guys again! Lots of love from Amy's Hens Group!”

Amy, Melbourne

“Thank you for today, it was the best yoga session I've ever had and the bride loved it too.”

Anda, Melbourne