Slow Gentle Yoga

Our slow gentle yoga classes are engaging and enjoyable and incorporate all the elements of a well balanced yoga class.

Each class includes a series of yoga postures and movements to help restore balance in your body and renew your energy. Our approach is to ease you into the physical practice… Beginning with gentle opening moves and then building a flow and warmth that helps your body to release more deeply into the postures. We work with the breath so that movements and postures are connected to a calm, focused inner awareness. There is also a focus on alignment and support for individuals to practice safely and at their own level.

Classes conclude with meditation, guided relaxation and rest.

Slow gentle yoga classes are suitable for beginners and experienced students who simply enjoy a more slow, gentle approach to yoga that is still challenging and deeply effective.

Another aspect of our yoga classes that we love, is that class numbers are limited to 12 students. We feel that this enables us to take better care of our students and allows us to give the personal assistance that is so helpful on the path of learning yoga.